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Support FAQs

Self-Service Mail Migration Product

I cannot login.  What do I need to do?

There may be several reasons for this.
  1. Your organization has not purchased the product.  Please contact your domain administrator for Google Apps to check.  If you want to purchase it for your personal use, please contact Salvair at http://www.salvair.com/Home/contact-us.
  2. Your organization has purchased the product, however, it has not yet been setup in the Salvair systems.  Please email  Salvair at support@salvair.com.
  3. You have input an invalid username or password for your GMail account.  Correct the username or password and try again.
  4. Google is not allowing programmatic access to your account.  Go to https://www.google.com/a/<yourdomain.com>/UnlockCaptcha.  (Replace <yourdomain.com>  with whatever comes after your ‘@’ symbol in your GMail address for Google Apps.)  On that screen, put in your username and password, along with the CAPTCHA code.  Then press the Unlock button to allow Salvair’s product into your account for mail migration.