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FirstClass to Google Apps Press Release

Salvair releases FirstClass to Google Apps migration product 

Columbus, OH -- (September 3, 2009)Today Salvair, a leader in cloud computing and Google Apps implementation software and services, announced the general availability of its FirstClass migration product.  The latest release of the software allows customers more flexibility and speed in how they migrate FirstClass email to Google Mail.  

“This release provides the ability to migrate large numbers of FirstClass users’ mail to Google Mail, and provides a complete domain-wide, and user-by-user audit log of all mail folders and sub-folders,” said Tom Cooper, the company Founder.  “We have improved the fidelity of the mail migration for this problematic source system, and provide the necessary insight into the solution to assure a seamless process for our customers.”  This cloud-based migration solution allows for the migration of mail messages in a very short amount of time in a transparent way. 

Salvair also announced a program for EDU and non-profit companies to take advantage of the FirstClass migration product at significantly reduced prices.  Of this program, Cooper said, “We are focused exclusively on cloud computing and extending its benefits to a wide audience.  In many cases educational and non-profit organizations have the same back office requirements as large corporations, without the commensurate budgets.  We want to help every user who wishes to use Google Apps as their messaging and collaboration platform.”  Interested parties may contact Salvair about this program at www.salvair.com, or by calling 614-389-3332. 

Salvair has focused on FirstClass migrations and provides the customer base with a solution to the pressing problem of historical mail, calendar and contacts migration.  Says Arif Khan, Director of IT Operations and Client Services at Antioch University in Yellow Springs, OH, “We looked at several alternatives when considering mail migration from FirstClass.  The Salvair FirstClass Mail Migrator was by far the best choice for us.  Their product can move the First Class folders and sub-folders that other products simply cannot." 

Salvair specializes in Google Apps implementation assistance, starting with its software portfolio including SSO for Google Apps, a Google Docs Upload product, IMAP server-side migration for any IMAP-enabled server, and self-service migration products for PST and NSF upload by end users.  Adds Khan of Antioch, “Salvair has been able to help us by writing product utilities and performing other work which enhances our Google Apps experience.” More products are in development, such as CloudSave for Google Sites, a Global Address Lookup, and others.